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Kearney folds TEAMS into its product engineering unit

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Kearney has picked up TEAMS, a storied product design consultancy headquartered in Germany.

TEAMS counts Bosch, Siemens and many other large companies among its clients. The firm designs products across a variety of categories including consumer electronics, medical hardware and industrial gear.

“The industrial and product design market TEAMS serves is big and growing quickly,” commented Kearney partner Bharat Kapoor. “We have seen extremely favorable responses from clients to the ideas put forward by TEAMS’ product designers and engineers.”

Several dozen of the design projects TEAMS has taken on over the past few decades were carried out in partnership with Kearney. In particular, the consultancy collaborates with a Kearney unit called PERL that helps companies improve their product designs and reduce production costs.

Because of that relationship, TEAMS is an important component of Kearney’s sales pitch when the latter firm competes for design contracts. Acquiring the German consultancy will enable Kearney to gain control of that component and more closely align it with its priorities.

TEAMS has been in business for a long time and has the client base to show for it. Kearney will use the acquisition as a way to promote its consulting services to the German firm’s clients.

The companies have also hinted that a new market expansion initiative could be in the works. TEAMS currently maintains four offices while Kearney operates 55 worldwide, which presents obvious opportunities to make the German firm’s services available in more regions.

TEAMS will continue to operate independently following the deal and will keep its current brand.