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Content Policy

Before pitching Boardroom Insight a story, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Sponsored post offers will be automatically rejected.
  2. Boardroom Insight is interested in perspectives from consultancies and firms that provide solutions, such as software, with relevance for consultancies.
  3. When it comes to interview offers and op-eds, we only accept submissions from executive-level professionals at this time.
  4. If you’re looking to pitch a thought leadership article written by a member of the leadership team at your firm, please send a short outline of your proposed article instead of a prewritten piece. Please include a 3-4 sentence bio of the author in your email.

Boardroom Insight’s human-written content commitment

A number of major consumer tech publications have began experimenting with AI-written content in recent months because they believe it’s necessary to stay competitive. Boardroom Insight doesn’t share that view. We don’t publish content written with the help of AI text generation products and have no intention of doing so in the future. For our readers, here are three simple methods to determine that the article on Boardroom Insight you just read was not written by an AI model:

  1.  The exclusive executive interviews Boardroom Insight publishes are, with few exceptions, shared on social media by the companies whose CEOs or other representatives we interview. The originality of an interview can be validated in a few minutes by searching the leading social networks. 
  2.  At present, the primary task for which AI writing tools are used is to generate extremely long articles for SEO purposes. In contrast, the news articles on Boardroom Insight are short and to the point because they’re optimized for quality and not SEO by our human writing staff. 
  3.  AI-generated content is low-quality content. A language model can’t generate sharp commentary on an executive hire or speculate on how a product launch speaks to a company’s future market expansion plans. On Boardroom Insight, original business insights are an integral part of every article.