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Please follow the guidelines on this page to make sure your article submission or interview pitch aligns with Boardroom Insight’s writing standards and coverage focus.

In general, article submissions that meet the guidelines outlined here have a high likelihood of getting published. As a result, it’s worth reading the following paragraphs thoroughly. If your contributed content doesn’t meet one of the guidelines, we’ll as a rule reach out and provide pointers on what should be improved.  

How to submit contributed articles


Please don’t send articles written in advance because they may not be approved. Include only an article idea, or optimally multiple article ideas, in your email. Each idea should take up a few sentences at most – a headline works, too. 

Submit your article ideas to only the following email address:

If you’re a PR professional, don’t forget to specify the job title of the article’s author and provide a brief one- or two-sentence biography.

You’ll be notified when an article idea has been accepted – you can expect to hear back within a few days in most cases. If your pitch is not accepted, we’ll send you feedback to clarify what we’re looking for. 

After your or your client’s article idea has been accepted, please draft the piece with the guidelines below in mind.

Contributed article requirements

A contributed article must be exclusive to Boardroom Insight, meaning it has not appeared anywhere else before. The piece must also have a word count of at least 450 words. 

If an article introduces an advanced concept, it should at least briefly explain the concept. For example, an op-ed about production line optimization methods doesn’t need to explain what a production line is. But if the op-ed also discusses a more advanced topic, like the use of 3D printers in production lines, you should include (at least) a brief explainer of how 3D printing works.

Finally, if your article cites a market research report, make sure it’s from a major research firm. And either provide a link to the report or send a copy of the relevant section to the email address above. 

Interview pitches

When pitching an interview, please keep your email under 200 words. The email should include three elements: a brief professional bio of the executive you’d like to make available for an interview, an overview of the company where they work and a (not too long) list of the topics to be discussed.

As with contributed article submissions, interview pitches should align with Boardroom Insight’s coverage focus. In general, expect interviews to be shorter than 20 minutes.