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Boardroom Insight’s 2024 Content Guide

Since the release of our 2023 Content Guide, Boardroom Insight has published dozens of new interviews with senior executives at consultancies and tech firms representing over $114 billion in aggregate annual revenue, as well as a combined headcount of over 710,000 professionals. The strength of our executive network stems from three simple principles:


Our exclusive interviews are simple to verify because our interviewees’ companies typically share their media coverage on LinkedIn. Nearly 10 such LinkedIn posts can be found in the third section of this guide alone (below) and, if you’re a PR person, you can find the rest by searching for the titles of our articles.

No sponsored content 

Boardroom Insight has not accepted a single sponsored content offer since launch. Before emailing us a pitch, please note we have no intention of changing this policy at this time.

Executive-level insights

Boardroom Insight only interviews experts who hold senior roles at their companies: more than 90% of our frontpage interviews in the past 12 months were conducted with individuals who hold C-Suite, VP-level or equivalent roles. A few highlights from the year since the publication of the 2023 Content Guide:

In early February 2024, we ran an exclusive interview with the newest vice president at Compugen, Canada’s largest privately-held IT consultancy and semiconductor giant Intel’s North American partner of the year. Kara Rudy joined the company’s leadership team after it acquired her consultancy, which she grew into a seven-figure business within a few years. The article can also be found on Compugen’s LinkedIn page.

In January, we heard from the global head of private equity at BDO, the world’s fifth largest accounting services firm with $14 billion in annual revenues and over 100,000 employees. Jamie Austin, who was previously a top executive BDO’s U.K. business, briefed us on what to expect in the corporate mergers and acquisitions world over the coming year. 

In November 2023, we interviewed the Chief Marketing Officer of CTI, the largest privately-held AV integration provider in the U.S., about the company’s expansion into the town of Bentonville, Arkansas – better known as the home of Walmart’s global HQ. Read the full story here with Tobi Tungle for a look at why CTI’s 33rd U.S. office is not just another branch location.

In October, we heard from Aravind Nandanan, the head of UST’s telecommunications infrastructure business, on why the 31,000-person IT services giant bought a stake in a Swedish software startup. Spoiler: that startup’s technology is helping the world’s largest internet providers make their networks faster and more reliable. On Boardroom Insight via UST on LinkedIn (courtesy of UST global head of PR and media relations Tinu Cherian Abraham).

Along the way, we caught up with the former head of Infosys’ 15,000-person enterprise applications and services unit to chat about his new low-code software consulting firm. AidenAI is using AI technology from a tech vendor called Unqork to make software development much, much faster for insurers and financial institutions. Read the interview on Boardroom Insight and AidenAI’s LinkedIn.

Speaking of entrepreneurs: Mahesh Lunani helped lead IBM’s business strategy practice as partner and later launched Cognizant’s in-house venture capital fund before founding Acquasight, one of the world’s leading water infrastructure software companies. Speaking exclusively to Boardroom Insight in August, he explained how water utilities are leveraging software to optimize the maintenance of their asset management plans. Those are the mission-critical technical documents that guide how the world’s water infrastructure is maintained. Lunani knows a thing or two about this area: Aquasight’s software powers the water infrastructure of more than 90 cities in the U.S. Also available on LinkedIn.

And there are many more highlights from the past year.

There was our exclusive interview (also on LinkedIn) on AI chips with Edward Betancourt, a repeat enterprise software startup founder with multiple exits and VC investor in many of Latin America’s leading tech firms. Betancourt recently took up the CTO post at Astreya, a California consultancy with about 4,000 employees that assists clients such as Google, Meta and Nvidia with their internal technology projects. We also chatted with Astreya’s new CSO, who previously held senior executive roles at publicly-traded IT consultancy Thoughtworks, and we’ve interviewed C-Suite executives at Xalient (one of the top 10 European consultancies in the Financial Times’ FT 1000) (also on LinkedIn), Metafora (on LinkedIn here) and Aventi Group to name a few. A special mention to the dynamic Bob Dearsly, board chair at HubSpot’s largest global consulting partner, who spoke to us exclusively in early 2023 about why he’s buying up competitors to expand his firm’s market share in Europe (on LinkedIn here).

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