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Accenture purchases German data consultancy Parsionate

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Accenture has acquired Parsionate, a boutique consultancy that assists companies with data analytics and AI initiatives.

One of the biggest challenges in analytics projects is making sure the information being mined for insights is accurate. If it isn’t, the results won’t be accurate either, which means companies are left without a return on investment. Parsionate works with its clients to make sure there are no reliability issues in their data.

One of the firm’s specialties is master data management, a field focused on avoiding inconsistencies between business records. For instance, if a company has two documents that describe the same marketing plan, it needs to ensure they contain the same information. Parsionate also works on projects related to data governance, a broad term that covers both a firm’s master data management efforts and all the other techniques it uses to ensure its internal information is accurate.

Notably, AI consulting is another focus area for Parsionate. Many of the best AI models on the market are available for free. As a result, much of the work required to productize them involves training them on a company’s internal data, which is where data consultancies such as Parsionate comes into the picture.

Christina Raab, the head of Accenture’s operations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, said in a prepared statement that “data readiness is essential to a company’s ability to harness advances in AI. Getting data right—as part of a strong, cloud-based digital core—lays the foundation for achieving exponential value through AI. Parsionate’s holistic data expertise, from strategy development to technology implementation, will enhance our ability to provide clients with highly tailored and effective data-driven solutions.”

Accenture cited the firm’s industry-specific expertise as another reason for the acquisition. Parsionate has experience working with clients in major verticals such as the retail segment and the industrial sector.

The firm employs about 130 professionals across seven offices, four of which are located in Germany. The team will become part of Accenture Technology’s Data & AI practice, where Parsionate founders Thomas Sperrfechter and Michael Fieg are set to take on executive roles.