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Accenture buys embedded software consultancy Teamexpat

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Accenture has acquired Teamexpat, a boutique Dutch consultancy that specializes in embedded software development.

Embedded software is an umbrella term for programs that run not on PCs, phones or servers but rather more specialized types of computers. That includes the processing modules in industrial equipment, factory robots and autonomous cars. The code that powers low-cost consumer devices as such smart home gadgets is also a type of embedded software.

One of the most notable details about Teamexpat is that it’s based in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. The municipality forms the center of a metropolitan area where many leading tech firms maintain a presence. NXP, one of Europe’s top chip producers, is based in the city. ASML, the world’s most valuable maker of processor manufacturing equipment, is headquartered in a suburb located a few minutes’ drive away.

According to Accenture, the semiconductor industry is one of the industries where Teamexpat boasts clients. The firm develops software for lithography systems, the cutting-edge laser machines that chip producers such as NXP use to make integrated circuits. It also provides related services such as software testing and systems integration, which is the process of integrating different pieces of software that require the ability to interoperate in one way or another. Two production line machines’ operating systems, for instance, might need a way of syncing their work by sharing manufacturing status data.

Commenting on the deal’s implications for Accenture’s work with clients in manufacturing verticals, executive Frank Rennings said that “Teamexpat’s highly sought-after capabilities will allow us to help our Dutch and European clients in these sectors reinvent their businesses with smart, connected products and services.”

Teamexpat founding CEO Vinay Dasa added that “we are looking forward to the opportunities that becoming part of Accenture will bring to our clients and team. Accenture’s global footprint and expertise will provide a scaling platform for our clients’ near- and off-shore embedded software development projects.”