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IPG establishes new regional hub in New York’s Dock 72

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Ad giant IPG is opening a new corporate hub in Brooklyn, the IPG Innovation Dock, that will host employees from several of its subsidiaries.

The hub will take up two floors in Dock 72, a 16-story office building in New York notable for its unusual architecture: the waterfront building resembles a loaded container ship. Dock 72 is part of a business campus in Brooklyn that IPG shares with more than 500 other companies.

The firm’s new office will initially host employees from two of its subsidiaries: marketing agencies Huge and R/GA. Additional IPG business units are also expected to establish a presence at the location down the line.

In an interesting decision, IPG will also allow at least one partner firm to work out of its Dock 72 location. It’s setting aside office space for Threedium, an AR and VR software development company in which it bought a stake a few months ago.

IPG CEO Philippe Krakowsky commented that “by bringing together some of our most innovative offerings in a range of tech-enabled areas of digital creativity, ranging from mixed reality to AI, we can accelerate the pace of innovation we deliver for our clients.”

An equally important goal of IPG’s new office is to provide a space where its employees can collaborate with key customers. IPG is headquartered in New York and so are many of its biggest enterprise clients, which means a trendy local building such as Dock 72 makes for an excellent meeting spot.

IPG’s executive team likewise plans to make the most out of the firm’s latest real-estate investment. IPG’s AI Steering Committee intends to “regularly convene” at Dock 72 going forward.