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Havas grows its presence in Germany with latest agency acquisition

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Havas has acquired Hamburg-headquartered performance marketing agency EProfessional to expand its headcount in Germany.

Performance marketing is an industry term applied to projects in which an agency’s commission is closely tied to client results. Often, that means the client only pays the agency for an ad campaign if the business goals set for the campaign have been achieved.

EProfessional launched in 1999 and went on to build a formidable client base that includes household names such as Vodafone and L’Oréal. Those client relationships could become new revenue streams for Havas following the deal.

Notably, the transaction buys Havas not only new marketing contracts but also fresh talent. EProfessional’s staffers have expertise in areas such as search engine optimization, social media marketing and multichannel tracking. The latter term is used to describe the often complex task of figuring out which of a brand’s ad campaigns led to a given client purchase.

EProfessional founders Tim Christiansen and Henner Uekermann will continue to lead the firm as managing directors once it becomes part of Havas. Uekermann is no stranger to working with advertising giant: he’s currently the managing director of Havas’ Arena Media subsidiary, a marketing agency based in Frankfurt. 

“The integration of EPRO into the Havas Media Network and the further development of Arena Media in Germany are two wonderful tasks for me,” Uekermann remarked. “By combining our competences, we can offer our clients an absolute state-of-the-art product from which we expect our agency to continue to grow in the coming years.”