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EY UK announces plans for new Cambridge office

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Ernst & Young’s U.K. affiliate is moving its Cambridge team into a new mixed-use campus in the north of the university city.

EY is not a single company, but rather a network of professional services firms that each operate in a different geographic regions and share the same brand name. The firm’s U.K. affiliate is one of the biggest in the network: it has about 20,000 workers who generated £3.8 billion in fee income during the past fiscal year.

EY UK employs about 200 people in Cambridge who work for its accounting services and consulting departments. There are also staffers from EY’s core business services group, which mostly handles backoffice tasks like IT and finance.

EY UK’s Cambridge team has been based in the city’s One Cambridge Business Park for the past 10-odd years. Next spring, the team will move to a new facility in a mixed-use complex called Cambridge North that includes not only office buildings but also more than 400 homes, restaurants and shops.

The approximately 200 people who make up EY UK’s Cambridge team will work on the fourth floor of an office building called One Cambridge Square. EY is renting most of the fourth floor, equal to about 10,000 square feet of space.

“Our business in Cambridge has continued to see strong levels of growth, and the investment in the office marks our commitment to maintaining a strong and lasting presence in the region,” Stuart Wilkinson, the office managing partner for EY UK’s East of England business, commented in a prepared statement.

“The new office will also support our hybrid working model, as well as our environmental goals, with more areas for collaboration and better energy efficiency,” he added.