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Deloitte’s MDR services practice wins high-profile IDC accolade 

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Deloitte has received a “Leader” designation in IDC’s inaugural report about a section of the consulting market known as the managed detection and response (MDR) segment.

It’s a noteworthy win for the Big Four firm because IDC’s word carries significant weight among CIOs. If the market research firm endorses a consultancy, that consultancy can often expect to have an easier time winning contracts with large corporations.

MDR is a type of managed IT service that allows a company to outsource the task of identifying and addressing hacker activity in its corporate network. Deloitte provides its MDR services from three “global delivery centers” and several smaller, “in-region” delivery centers. The firm’s MDR sales pitch also leans into its network of 30 client experience hubs, offices where customers can evaluate different Deloitte offerings and figure out the best way of applying them.

In its report, IDC provided a detailed explanation of why it decided to give the Leader designation to Deloitte. One of the reasons it provided is the modularity of the Big Four firm’s MDR offering. Some clients might want to access all the hacking detection and response capabilities Deloitte offers, while others might only wish to buy breach mitigation services that can protect a narrow subset of their systems. Deloitte accommodates buyers who decide to take that latter route.

MDR providers often deliver their services using a suite of cybersecurity solutions they assemble internally. But due to technical considerations, it’s not always to deploy such solution suites in a client’s corporate network. IDC pointed out that Deloitte can use a client’s already purchased cybersecurity tools to monitor for hacker activity, which was another reason the Big Firm member was named a Leader.

Deloitte cybersecurity executive Chris Richter commented on the research firm’s findings that “at Deloitte, we understand that clients are looking to improve the security efficacy of their cyber operations while reducing complexity and technical debt.”

Yet another factor that helped Deloitte win IDC’s recognition is that it has employees all over the world. As a result, the consultancy can navigate the regional regulations that some clients must take into account when purchasing MDR services.