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Bain acquires Max Kelsen’s AI consulting practice

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Bain & Co. is absorbing the AI consulting wing of Max Kelsen, an Australian company that splits its focus between developing software and providing IT advisory services.

Max Kelsen launched in 2015. Over the subsequent years, it built out a consulting practice that works with Fortune 500 to develop AI software.

Max Kelsen’s consultants have helped clients develop machine learning software for powering robots. The firm also built applications that use AI to optimize factory equipment and forecast future business developments in a company’s ecosystem.

Max Kelsen’s consulting business also works with enterprises on so-called MLOps projects. In plain terms, the firm helps companies speed up their internal AI software development projects by sharing best practices with the relevant stakeholders.

The context for Bain’s acquisition of the business is that Max Kelsen has spent the past few years building out a suite of AI software products for the healthcare sector. The Australian firm is jettisoning its professional services team so it can focus fully on its software products.

Bain, meanwhile, is on an the exact opposite trajectory from Max Kelsen in the AI market. The company is actively expanding its AI services business and the acquisition of Max Kelsen’s consulting arm will boost that effort.

Bain recently signed a partnership with AI industry darling OpenAI. It’s using OpenAI’s AI models for generating text and images to make large corporations’ employees more productive.

Bain is teaching Fortune 500 firms’ marketers how to use AI-generated text and images to speed up their work. Another specialty of the management consultancy is training financial advisors in leveraging chatbot to spruce client communications.

“We are delighted to welcome the Max Kelsen Consulting team to Bain, and to bring their industry-leading machine learning expertise to bear to deliver even more powerful solutions to our clients,” remarked Roy Singh, the head of Bain’s advanced analytics group.