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Accenture snags broad marketing services contract from Accor

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Accenture’s Song division has landed what appears to be a large, and no doubt quite lucrative, deal with Europe’s biggest hospitality company.

That company is none other than France’s Accor, which operates more than 5,000 hotels in 100-plus countries. Those properties brought in revenues of more than €4 billion for the company during its most recent fiscal year.

Accenture’s Song division, a marketing agency that generates over $14 billion in annual fee income, has counted Accor as a client for four years. Accenture Song supports the marketing operations of several Accor business units in Europe. 

The companies didn’t share too many details about their expanded deal. But they hinted the partnership will now be expanded from the countries where Accenture Song already supports Accor’s marketing operations to many of the other regions where the hotel operator is active.

Accenture said it will support Accor with a service called Content Atelier. The firm said this service will be available to “all” Accor marketing employees worldwide, but didn’t specify exactly what it includes.

Accenture did divulge that one focus of the deal will be to develop localized content for Accor hotels. Because Accor operates properties in more than 100 countries, it requires a massive amount of marketing content in many different languages.

Unsurprisingly, one the deal’s goals will be to drive more traffic to Accor hotels’ websites. The press release announcing the contract also hinted Accenture Song will give the company a hand with in-hotel marketing efforts.

Winning a deal with Europe’s largest hotel operator is a major win even for a marketing agency as well established as Accenture Song. The firm’s pitches to Accor competitors will now look a lot more compelling, which could help it snag more deals.