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UST acquires Endeavor to bolster its SAP services business

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Technology services giant UST has acquired Endeavor, a Philadelphia firm that helps companies install and operate SAP software.

Germany-based SAP is one of the most important software vendors in the enterprise technology world. Its dozens of applications are used for a variety of tasks, mainly core back-office workflows such as accounting and supply chain management. The firm’s technology can be found in the corporate networks of most Fortune 500 companies.

UST, which boasts more than 30,000 employees worldwide, has a sizable SAP consulting practice. The practice assists clients with tasks such as moving SAP software environments to the cloud and maintaining those environments. For its efforts, UST has earned a Silver Partner certification from the German software vendor.

Endeavor, the firm that UST is buying, boasts an SAP Gold Partner badge. The firm primarily works with clients in the healthcare sector such as medical device vendors. Its consultants help companies with tasks ranging from modernizing SAP-based ERP environments to digitizing their manufacturing operations in order to improve production quality.

Industry-specific expertise is a big plus in consulting projects. Endeavor’s experience with SAP projects in the healthcare sector will help UST make its consulting services more appealing to clients focused on that market. 

UST chief solutions officer Kailash Attal commented in a prepared statement that “UST’s acquisition of Endeavor enhances the continued acceleration of our domain specialization as exemplified by UST Evolve in the business transformation space and, with Endeavor’s deep expertise, we will be better positioned to meet emerging client needs.”

The acquisition could potentially also augment UST’s solutions portfolio in other ways.

Besides providing consulting services for SAP clients, UST offers ready-to-use cloud services that utilize data stored in SAP applications to optimize clients’ business operations. Its UST Sentry Vision service, for instance, can leverage such data to help manufacturers boost the reliability of their factories. UST can now draw on Endeavor’s expertise to refine its cloud offerings for clients in the healthcare sector.