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PwC US appoints long-time executive Paul Griggs as senior partner

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The U.S. affiliate of accounting behemoth PwC has promoted Paul Griggs to senior partner, which corresponds to the role of CEO or managing director at most competing firms.

Griggs is bringing nearly three decades of PwC experience to the post. He started out at the firm’s Carolinas business unit and later headed up its New York office, Big Four member’s largest corporate campus. This promotion put him on a trajectory that later saw him become the head of PwC US’s prestigious banking and capital markets practice, which provides professional services to Wall Street firms.

Griggs will take up his new post on June 1. Until then, he will remain in his current role as vice chair of U.S. markets, a position in which he’s responsible for overseeing business strategy and operational processes across more than 90 of PwC US’ North American offices.

The promotion makes Griggs a potential candidate to become the global head of PwC during a future leadership change. PwC US accounts for nearly half of the Big Four member’s global revenues, which makes it arguably the most important member firm. And the head of an accounting network’s most important member firm is bound to be high up on the list of candidates when it’s time to hire a new CEO.

Griggs is taking over the senior partner post from Tim Ryan, who is retiring after a 35-year career.

Griggs shared a glimpse into his plans for PwC in a prepared statement, saying that “we are in an era of reinvention, with many companies looking to transform their businesses through data, AI and other advancing technologies … our purpose and strategy get at the heart of these goals.”