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Hitachi doubles down on the technology services market

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Hitachi this week held the official launch event for its new Hitachi Digital Services unit, which provides IT consulting services and related solutions to large companies. 

The gathering took place in Dallas not far from the unit’s local offices. An official press release stated that attendees had a chance to catch speeches from a few prominent figures in the science and publishing world including the CEO of Business Insider.

Hitachi, one of Japan’s largest industrial conglomerates, sells an expansive array of hardware products through dozens of subsidiaries. One of those subsidiaries, Vantara, makes data storage systems. The newly launched Hitachi Digital Services unit started out as a division of Vantara and spun out into an independent unit under the Hitachi corporate umbrella as part of a restructuring initiative launched last year. 

Hitachi Digital Services works with enterprise clients on projects such as cloud migrations and data analytics software rollouts. The group also has teams dedicated to working with IoT technologies, a broad term that covers digitized enterprise hardware products such as AI-powered industrial robots. Parent company Hitachi is a major player in this market, which no doubt comes handy for Hitachi Digital Services from a marketing standpoint.

The group is headed by CEO Roger Lvin, who has led it since the Vantara days. Hitachi Digital Services is not starting its growth push from scratch: it has a fairly sizable rolodex of existing clients brought over from its time as a Vantara unit. 

Lvin commented in a canned statement that “together, we will drive digital transformations that not only meet customer needs but also foster meaningful positive impact for society.” That’s a nod to the fact Hitachi Digital Services not only helps clients with tasks like moving applications to the cloud, but can also provide advice on how to cut the carbon footprint of a company’s IT infrastructure. Parent company Hitachi is a major hardware supplier to the renewable energy sector.