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Capgemini lands AI and analytics deal with Bpifrance

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Capgemini has landed a deal to provide AI and analytics consulting services to Bpifrance, a French investment bank with dozens of offices in the country.

The companies have given their collaboration a dedicated brand name: Digital Factory. They say it will have three main focus areas: helping Bpifrance expand its use of AI, improve the bank’s data analytics infrastructure and find ways to reduce its carbon footprint.

The companies didn’t provide too much information about the partnership’s technical details. But Capgemini did share a glimpse into how it plans to go about helping Bpifrance meet its goals.

Capgemini said that it will put together a multidisciplinary team to support the bank’s technology initiatives. That team, which will work with Bpifrance’s internal IT department, will include professionals who specialize in AI, data science, UI design, application testing and Agile software development.

It seems Capgemini’s dal with Bpifrance places a particularly strong emphasis on AI. As part of their collaboration, Capgemini will provide AI training to both the team it has assembled to help Bpifrance and the bank’s own IT personnel.

The employee training component of the deal suggests the firms plan to use machine learning tools with which they have relatively limited experience. Capgemini specified that generative AI is one of the items on the shopping list, but it didn’t go into more detail on what technologies it plans to use.

The firms expect that the new technologies Capgemini will help Bpifrance implement will ultimately benefit the businesses that rely on the bank’s financial services. Bpifrance is a major player in France’s investment banking sector: it has sizable stakes in Orange, auto giant Stellantis and several other large European corporations.  

Bpifrance CIO Lionel Chaine remarked in a prepared statement that “we want to equip our banking information system with the very latest technologies, so that we can offer both innovative and eco-responsible solutions to tomorrow’s French industrial leaders, enabling them to accelerate their development while improving their customer experience.”