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Bain-backed venture capital firm unveils first batch of investments

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Future Back Ventures, a venture capital firm backed by management consultancy Bain & Company, has announced its first five investments.

Future Back Ventures launched last year with the goal of investing in companies started by Bain alumni. Notably, the fund provides the firms it backs with not only capital but also “resources that run beyond traditional funding.” Depending on what they are, those resources can potentially be worth even more than the capital given the involvement of Bain.

Bain provides its management consulting services to a sizable percentage of the Fortune 500 and many other large companies. As a result, the firm is in a position to connect the startup founders backed by Future Back Ventures with deep-pocketed potential customers. Bain didn’t explicitly state whether such networking opportunities will be made available for the startups in which the fund invests, but it did say founders will gain access to its “network of industry-leading experts.”

The first five startups in which Future Back Ventures has bought stakes include event marketing software provider Vendelux, privacy specialist Common Sense Privacy and Duckbill, which offers companies access to virtual assistants. They are joined by HIVED and Qubed, two companies that offer environmental monitoring technology and package delivery services, respectively.

“Bain produces more startup founders than any other business per capita, with 8% of former Bain employees starting their own venture, according to research by ondeck,” comments Bain partner Miles Cook.

The management consultancy is no stranger to the world of venture capital. In the 1980s, it incubated a small venture capital team that what would grow into Bain Capital, one of the world’s largest investment firms. Bain Capital has backed the likes of Warner Music Group, Staples and Warner Music Group.