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Albertsons’ advertising arm hires Capgemini for AI initiative

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Albertsons, the second largest supermarket chain in the U.S., has hired Capgemini to help it increase the use of AI among its employees.

The collaboration focuses on a business unit called Albertsons Media Collective that the retailer launched in 2021. The unit runs a so-called retail media network. This is a technology platform that allows companies, particularly consumer goods manufacturers, to advertise their wares via the marketing channels through which Albertsons engages shoppers.

As part of their new partnership, Capgemini will help Albertsons Media Collective staffers adopt AI to optimize their day-to-day work.

Workers at the business unit will leverage machine learning to plan marketing campaigns for clients. Additionally, Albertsons Media Collective will enhance the processes through which it produces creative materials for ads. Executives also believe AI can be used to dynamically optimize marketing campaigns while they’re ongoing based on engagement data collected by analytics tools. 

“By leveraging digital and AI technology to keep a pulse on ever-evolving shifts in consumer behavior, Albertsons Media Collective can enable brands to pivot their strategies in real-time and adjust to changing consumer preferences,” commented Ted Levine, the managing director of consumer products, retail and services at Capgemini’s America division. 

Notably, Capgemini noted that Albertsons Media Collective will adopt not only AI products but also RPA technology as part of the collaboration. RPA is the industry term for software products that help companies automate highly repetitive, manual tasks like processing client invoices.

Capgemini estimates that it will help Albertsons Media Collective and the brands whose ads it runs to achieve a “20 percent faster speed to market.” This presumably means the companies are looking to reduce the amount of time it takes to put together new ad campaigns.