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Accenture shakes up its senior leadership team with latest promotions

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Accenture has changed the structure of its senior leadership team with five recently announced executive appointments.

The main news item is that the consulting giant’s former chief operating officer, Manish Sharma, is now the CEO of its North America division. The promotion puts Sharma in charge of Accenture’s single largest business unit, which generated $29 billion in revenue last year.

Sharma joined Accenture in 1995. In the two-plus decades since, he has held several senior executive roles at the company, worked with many of the firm’s largest clients and led the development of its SynOps offering, a consulting-plus-software solution that helps big companies automate their business operations to reduce costs.

“Manish has worked around the globe and across industries to help clients reinvent to create new value, enabled by technology, data and AI,” commented Accenture boss Julie Sweet. “And in his roles as our COO and as the Group Chief Executive – Operations, he has personally helped lead significant parts of Accenture’s own reinvention.”

Manish Sharma, the newly appointed CEO of the firm’s North America business, is handing over his previous title of COO to John Walsh. Walsh was until now Accenture’s chief strategic accounts and global sales officer.

Accenture has already named a new chief strategic accounts and global sales officer to oversee its client acquisition efforts. The job will be transferred to Steve Ferneyhough, who is currently the firm’s top salesman in Europe.

Two other Accenture executives also nabbed promotions. Long-time engineering leader Paul Daugherty is now the firm’s chief technology and innovation officer, while Karthik Narain has been elevated to the role of group chief executive for technology.