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Accenture buys Germany’s Mindcurv

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Accenture’s Song division, one of the largest marketing consultancies in the world, is set to grow bigger still by absorbing a German firm called Mindcurv.

The deal’s price was not specified. But Accenture did reveal that it’s buying Mindcurv from German private equity firms Genui and Primepulse.

One of Mindcurv’s core specialties is working with large enterprises to set up e-commerce storefronts. Building a large online shopping portal involves much more than just website development: it requires setting up a complex mesh of supply chain management software, analytics tools to track customer demand trends and other applications. That involves a lot of work, which creates significant billing opportunities for consultancies like Mindcurv.

The firm’s 700-odd employees work out of offices in Germany, Netherlands, Spain and India. Not all of the Mindcurv workforce focuses on e-commerce: some employees work on other types of projects such as creating branding strategies deploying cloud data management environments.

Mindcurv even has an IoT consulting business. It can set up the software needed to control various network-connected devices like smart home gadgets and warehouse automation robots.

Mindcurv brings not only 700 employees but also over 200 clients to Accenture’s Song division. Those clients are active in major verticals such as manufacturing, retail and consumer goods.

Accenture Song executive Max Morielli commented that “this strategic move will enhance our ability to provide innovative, tailor-made cloud solutions” and positioned the move as part of a broader effort by the consulting giant to “fortify its global offerings.” Accenture makes dozens of acquisitions in various parts of the world to enhance its regional consulting offerings.”