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Deloitte launches cloud-based sustainability application for clients

Deloitte has pulled back the curtains on GreenLight, a software-as-a-service application focused on helping companies reduce their carbon footprints.

Deloitte, one of the Big Four consulting firms, makes money mainly by providing accounting services. But the firm also has a big presence in the IT consulting market and offers a catalog of internally-created software tools that complement its advisory offerings.

GreenLight is one such software tool.

Logging into GreenLight brings up a series of charts that visualize a company’s carbon footprint. The charts show much CO2 a company’s business operations generate and also allow users to access more detailed environmental metrics.

“Organizations are grappling with an overwhelming amount of data as they develop their decarbonization strategies,” commented Jennifer Steinmann, the executive in charge of Deloitte’s global sustainability and climate practice. “By leveraging cutting-edge climate technology, leaders are able to view a clear picture of their roadmap to achieving their net-zero targets.”

In the GreenLight interface, users can enter information about their firm’s sustainability goals. GreenLight will then analyze the information and point out carbon footprint reduction initiatives that the firm can invest in to advance its efforts.

Many countries run programs to support companies’ sustainability initiatives. GreenLight has a built-in database that provides information about 16,000 such programs in 70 countries.

Corporate leaders can also use GreenLight to track the progress of their companies’ sustainability projects. The software has a built-in feature for generating reports that visualize a firm’s sustainability metrics in an easy-to-understand format.

Deloitte plans to pair GreenLight with its sustainability consulting services. A company could hire Deloitte consultants to plan its carbon reduction roadmap and use GreenLight to track the project’s progress.

Another important feature of GreenLight is that it can integrate with a company’s existing IT systems.

The data points needed to understand a big company’s carbon footprint are often dispersed across a large number of applications. To provide a simple user experience, sustainability analytics tools need to integrate with those applications and pull the necessary data automatically.