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Bain poaches EY-Parthenon’s top PE value creation executive

Bain & Company has hired Greg Schooley, the former head of the private equity value creation practice at EY-Parthenon.

EY-Parthenon is one of Bain’s top rivals in the management consulting market.

“Greg brings a wealth of knowledge in advising private equity funds and Fortune 500 corporations,” commented Rebecca Burack, the executive who leads Bain’s global private equity practice. “His appointment illustrates Bain’s continued commitment to best-in-class private equity services, building on Bain’s four decades of market-leading operational and commercial due diligence expertise.”

Observers of the financial sector know that many corporate acquisitions are carried out by so-called private equity firms. Such firms make money by buying companies, making those companies more lucrative than they were before and then selling them at a higher price.

When a private equity firm buys a company, it often hires a consultancy like Bain to help it realize a return on its investment. That’s the area where Greg Schooley, Bain’s latest executive hire, has built his career.

Schooley is joining Bain as a senior partner and will work at the consultancy’s New York office. He will lead the operational diligence and value creation team, which advises private equity firms on how to realize a return on investment from the companies they buy.

The team’s work can be split into two main parts.

The first part consists of due diligence. Before a private equity buys a company, it can hire Bain to perform due diligence, which is the process of ensuring that the company’s books are in orders and it lives up to expectations in other areas as well.

The other specialty of the Bain team that Schooley will be leading is value creation.

After the due diligence process is done and a private equity firm has completed the acquisition of a company, it’s time to realize a return. That’s done through value creation, which is the task of making a company more profitable to increase the sale price it can fetch.

Greg Schooley is joining Bain after six years leading the private equity value creation team at rival consultancy EY-Parthenon. Bain says Schooley has worked with “many” of the world’s top 50 private equity funds, which means winning deals from those funds will become that much easier for the firm.

Earlier, Schooley spent several years at a mid-market private equity fund as an operating partner. That kind of hands-on experience with a market is always useful for consultants: it’s easier to understand a client’s requirements if a consultant was at one point in the client’s shoes.

Schooley earned his MBA from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.